16 Reasons Why I Believe In God: (8) Laws of Logic

10:25 AM James 2 Comments

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  1. I don't understand how "intentional" gets into it.
    And without the word "intentional" (which, as I said, I don't think you can justify) you are just conflating the idea of litigious laws with the way we use laws for physics principles (the laws of gravity, Hoyle's gas laws and the laws of motion are not 'authored' or intentional. They are truths that are discovered. We have precisely no reason to assume they are authored).

    1. Hi allallt, thanks for your comments! Sorry for the delay in reply. I've been pretty busy lately.

      There is a growing philosophical literature about intentionality. Check out: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/intentionality/ to learn more. I made a brief case for how the laws of logic have intentionality. Could you please *explain* how my argument is wrong, instead of merely asserting that I can't justify it?

      Also, let's pretend the laws of logic don't have intentionality, as you say, and I'm merely conflating them with physical laws. The laws of logic (and physical laws) still offer a good reason for believing God exists. See my post on the regularity of the universe (Reason # 3 in this series). http://philo-logos.blogspot.com/2012/10/16-reasons-why-i-believe-in-god-3.html